[Fosc] member mtg- State of the Watershed

Mjrauz at aol.com Mjrauz at aol.com
Sun Jan 13 10:46:40 PST 2008

A reminder that there will a members meeting this Wed. We will show the 
Lassel Video made over that last 10 years of how we got to where we are. I'll 
highlit where we have been in the past year and what that means for the future.

BTW/ there was a wee landslide in Dimond Cyn at the foot of Benevides 
cul-de-sac. Many too much paving wwater runoff? 
The rains did cleanse the sewer settlement from before Christmas that was 
caoting all the steambed. Now we'll see if any trout survived.
 See you This Wed for an important meeting at the Dimond Library.

Start the year off right.  Easy ways to stay in shape.
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