[Fosc] A 7-question survey for creekside residents in Oakland - re our responsibility for maintaining the creek channel on or 'adjacent to' our properties and for controlling flooding

Edward Goehring ebgb at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 25 10:54:00 PST 2008

Dear friends - Please feel free to pass along this survey to your email lists if you think your members would be interested - anyone
who owns, rents or manages creekside property in Oakland :)

   A local reporter is doing a story on creek flooding/maintenance issues and has sent me a message about the subject (here
Edward, I've still been pursuing the creekside property story, but I keep
running into little information. I have contacted the City, the
County, different creek organizations, and sort of keep getting
passed around.

What I have been told so far: that creek maintenance is the
responsibility of the property owner (like fire abatement & tree
care). There are particular instances where some property's have
easements either by the City or the Alameda County Flood Control
District, so that they can do maintenance or help with flooding

So far, everyone seems to think that the property owners are in the loop,
that they know what needs to be done. - Daniel McGlynn [danielmcglynn at gmail.com]

   One of the community groups I work with wants to help the media get feedback from creekside residents and to help define the
focus of the new creekside concerns email list, here's a brief survey. Just put a double x (XX) after your yes/no answers :) - EBG

Survey Questions

1. Are you aware of whether your 'creekside' property line is in the middle of the creek channel or not? (For example: do you have a
plot map that shows the 'adjacent' creek as being off your property?)

2. Have you been informed about your legal and financial responsibilities for maintaining the creek channel on your property and for
controlling flooding ? (Examples: notification via email, postal mail or flyer)?
Yes, by a government agency (City of Oakland, Alameda County, State or Federal agencies)
Yes, by a nonprofit, neighborhood group or other non-government organization
Yes, by the person(s) who sold me my property
Yes, by a neighbor or friend

3. Have you been shown (or referred to) a flooding map of your neighborhood so you know the flood danger to your own property and so
you can tell if a failure of your flood-control measures could lead to flooding of your neighbors' property?

4. Do you check the condition of your creek embankment or channel during or after heavy rainfall?

5. Do you have sandbags or other flood-control supplies on hand to control creek overflow on or near your property?

6. Have you performed any permitted maintenance or improvement of the creek channel on/near your property in the past 10 years?
Yes, but in the last 5 years

7. How recently did your purchase your creekside property?

Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer this survey and hit the 'Reply' button (or send your completed survey to:
sfbaypublicsafety at sbcglobal.net )

If you'd like to see a sample neighborhood flooding map (for Sausal Creek), go to:


click on the Pages link on the right side of the home page and scroll down to the page 'Disaster Risks: Sausal Creek Flooding - Past
& Future'
This page includes a link to a FEMA flood map PDF and also has many flood and creek-related information links.

Edward B. Goehring

Bay Area Public Safety Partnership
sfbaypublicsafety at sbcglobal.net


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