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February 8, 2008



Eleven Native Trout Found Dead

City Investigating Paints and Solvents Found in the Storm Drain 




Oakland, CA - On February 7, 2008 11 dead trout were found near El Centro
Avenue in Sausal Creek.  City of Oakland staff immediately investigated the
site and found evidence that solvents and paints may have been poured into a
nearby storm drain that leads to the creek where the fish were found dead.
City staff met with State Fish and Game today at the site to collect water
and soil samples and to investigate the source of the fish kill.


City staff learned of the fish kill through a Friends of Sausal Creek
list-serve notice.  The Friends of Sausal Creek, a local non-profit
dedicated to protecting and improving Sausal Creek has often provided the
City with valuable timely, on-site information that is not readily available
to City staff.  The Friends have also provided tens of thousands of
volunteer hours to restoring the local habitat.


In the summer of 1998, the City conducted DNA analysis of local rainbow
trout populations to determine if the populations were native as opposed to
hatchery stock.  Sausal Creek trout were determined to be native.  In 2001
the City, in partnership with Alameda County Flood Control District and the
California Coastal Conservancy removed concrete walls and three check dams
in Sausal creek to improve water quality and to restore trout habitat in
Sausal Creek above El Centro Avenue.    In 2007, City Councilmember Jean
Quan petitioned the State of California Fish and Game Commission to ban
fishing in creeks in Oakland with native rainbow trout populations.


Only Rain Down the Drain

Unlike the sanitary sewer water that flows into the storm drain flows
untreated to the creeks and the Bay.   It is illegal to put anything but
rain down the storm drain.  This event demonstrates that pollutants in the
storm drain can have deadly consequences.


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I think I'm correct in saying that the City and/or county doesn't permit us
to put stuff into the creek without a permit.  We have proposed this before
and maybe it's worth pursuing again. It's a great idea too especially with
the paucity of large pools and maybe there's a new drive for this, but it
will have to be well away from the eroding slope where the old oak fell and
where the available wood lies. 

Also I was only suggesting wind throw may have played a role in the demise
of the tree, certainly precipitated by faulty runoff patterns.


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