[Fosc] Weekday Weed Warriors? Broom Pull 2/20 and...

Kathren Murrell Stevenson kathren at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:37:55 PST 2008

How about meeting up next Wednesday (2/20) to pull some broom that is
crowding out our beloved pallid manzanitas? We can meet at the Big Trees
trailhead at 9:30 am. Let me know if you can make it: field at sausalcreek.org.
I'll bring weed wrenches and work gloves. Also if you would be like to be
part of a weekday weed warriors group, let me know. There are other projects
like this that a group of us could make serious headway on!

The patch we adopted is on the west side of Skyline about a mile up the road
from Joaquin Miller Rd. Take 13 to JM Rd. up JM Rd. to the first light as if
you're going to Chabot. Up the hair-pin turns, you'll pass the entrance to
Roberts pool on your right, keep going but slow down. Suddenly there is an
opening on both sides of the road. You can either park by the old yellow
fire gate on the east side, or on the west side where there's a bit more
room on the shoulder. This is called the Big Trees trail head but it's not
well marked. Standing on the road looking west you'll see to your right a
clump of woody vegetation that has been thinned. Some of the manzanitas on
the edge of the grove have caution tape or some sort of flagging on them.

Kathren M. Stevenson
Restoration Program Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
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