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Apologies if this has already been posted.

> I thought that some of you might find this of interest.
> The Bay Area Science Forum presents:
> The second in a series of interactive dialogues with experts on  
> water issues of the San Francisco Bay Area.
> 7:30-9:00 pm
> April 3, 2008
> 100 Genetics and Plant Biology Building, UC Berkeley Campus
> A discussion between Jeffrey Mount, Roy Shlemon Chair in Applied  
> Geosciences and Director, Center for Watershed Sciences, University  
> of California, Davis, and Peter B. Moyle, Department of Wildlife,  
> Fish, and Conservation Biology, Center for Watershed Sciences,  
> University of California, Davis
> FREE admission!
> Visit the website to learn more about these dialogues and to submit  
> questions to the speakers: www.bayareascienceforum.org
> The Bay Area Science Forum (BASF) seeks to inform the general  
> public on important issues in science and to provide local citizens  
> the opportunity to discuss these issues with members of the  
> scientific community. The goal of the BASF is to clarify current  
> research and facilitate more informed decisions through an  
> interactive dialogue. Increasing the awareness of issues facing us  
> today will ensure a better tomorrow. We invite you to become part  
> of this discussion.

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