[Fosc] Volunteer at the Plant Sale this year!

Molly Bolt nursery at sausalcreek.org
Tue Apr 1 20:56:06 PDT 2008

If you'll be around the weekend of April 26-27, come be a part of our annual
tour and sale!

FOSC's Joaquin Miller Native Plant Nursery is part of the Bay Friendly Tour
this year.  We need volunteers on Saturday to prepare and on Sunday to staff
the event.  There's a spreadsheet attached with times and workshifts.  We'll
provide lunch on both days for our volunteers.  If you volunteer on Sunday,
you'll get a Bay Friendly T-shirt, so please include your size when

We need almost 50 people to have a full crew, so please help out!

If you can donate *boxes *(from wine cases or drink packs) for folks to take
their plants in, please let us know.  If you can loan *walkie-talkies* or *
wagons* for Sunday, we would love it!

Any questions about the sale or volunteering?  Reply to this email or dial
me at 510 928 6675.

If you'd like more info about the Bay Friendly Tour or Stop Waste (which
hosts the tour), check out

Thanks for all your support.
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