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*Friends of Sausal Creek Native Plant Nursery*
*Joaquin Miller Park*
*Sunday, April 27th 10am to 4pm*
*Our nursery is open this Sunday for you to view and purchase native plants.
We will have a team of experts on hand to advise you about what types of
plants are best for your specific landscape and habitat needs. Plants are
available on a first-come first-served basis. We open at 10am. In addition
to plants, we will have lots of free stuff for the taking (reusable shopping
bags, compact flourescent light bulbs, tshirts etc). There will also be a
door prize that you will definitely hope to win! See you Sunday!*

1) To get to the Nursery from Hwy. 13 take the Joaquin Miller exit and turn
east up the hill.

2) 3/4 miles after passing Hwy13, turn left onto Sanborn This turn is
easiest to find turn by looking for the sign in the median of the road that
says "Native Plant Nursery". 3) The road is labeled Sanborn to the left and
Robinson to the right. Note that Sanborn Rd. loops and connects to Lincoln
further below but it's not a real road entrance.

4) Drive through the park until you come to a fork in the road. The road to
the right will be blocked with a yellow gate. Park here just off the right
side of the road. You can also park at the large parking lot to your left.

5) Walk past the gate, following Sanborn Rd. down to the nursery. At the
fork past the gate, go left. Shortly after you will see the nursery on your
left. The walk is about 1/4 mile.
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