[Fosc] Thanks for a great plant sale!

Molly Bolt nursery at sausalcreek.org
Sun Apr 27 20:33:02 PDT 2008

What a success!  Thanks to all who helped make our third annual plant sale
and tour a great event.

We did lots of consultations to help folks turn their backyards into native
habitat, had a great propagation talk, and sent lots of our local stock out
into the world!!

Thanks to:

our propagators (especially Karen, Nancy and Adrienne);

the FOSC board for support in preparing and staffing the sale;

all the high school and college students who did the heavy labor moving

our watershed volunteers who greeted visitors, led crews, and made the day
go smoothly;

our electric shuttle driver, Stephen, for the sustainable transport;

the Bay Friendly staff who organized our tour, especially Tamara our support
person today;

our interns Sarah and Nick for the extra days at the nursery;

and Kathren and Sara for all their support and help with logistics and

Thanks for making my first plant sale a great one!  We hope to see you all
at workdays this summer.

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