[Fosc] Sudden Oak Death info

Molly Bolt nursery at sausalcreek.org
Wed May 7 12:35:39 PDT 2008

Hi all,

We passed our LBAM inspection this morning at the nursery, and I had a very
informative talk with our County Ag inspector about SOD.  It's now in
Joaquin Miller Park (spread from Redwood) and on a serpentine hill, and they
are doing some testing on a site across from the park off Joaquin Miller Rd.

Many garden plants are carriers of SOD, and you can find likely symptoms and
a short diagnostic key at: www.suddenoakdeath.org/

She also informed me that in woodland situations, the oaks they've found
dead have mostly been touching bay laurels.  Unofficially, it may be a good
idea to prune back or remove your laurels if you're in a high risk area and
trying to preserve an old oak.  Of course, you should always consult a
pathologist to ascertain that it's necessary.

Don't want to alarm anyone; just passing on some info.

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