[Fosc] Presentation & A Free Book: venues needed

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Thu May 22 10:00:11 PDT 2008

As part of one of our grants, Friends of Sausal Creek has a 
presentation we'd like to bring to neighborhood groups, other creek 
groups, garden clubs, and schools (suitable for high school, or 
perhaps middle school).  Laurel Marcus gave the presentation at a 
FOSC meeting last fall. Now it's my turn!

The presentation is a fast-paced, mostly-pictures PowerPoint, an 
introduction to many of the topics covered in the book. The book (and 
the original version of the PowerPoint) were developed by Laurel 
Marcus, a long-time watershed consultant.

The book is called The House and Garden Audit: Protecting Your 
Family's Health and Improving the Environment. It comprehensive 
overview of actions that individuals can take in the house and garden 
to help keep themselves and our creeks and watersheds healthy.  It 
has lots of photos, lots of tables that provide a great reference, 
and lots of web sites and other sources for people who want more 
information.  Here's what it covers:

    * History of development in Oakland watersheds
    * Managing some typical household pests without toxics
    * Water use
    * Keeping pollutants and silt out of creeks
    * Lawns: high water and pesticide use; polluting to mow; low habitat value
    * Garden practices to reduce the need for pesticides
    * Common garden pests and non-toxic methods to reduce their impacts
    * Beneficial insects/spiders
    * Attracting beneficial wildlife to your garden
    * Native plants: attract wildlife; reduce water and pesticide use
    * Fire: a major watershed pollutant
    * Landforms and drainage and effects of urbanization
    * Homeowner options to reduce runoff
    * The role of invasive non-natives in creek bank failures and gullying
    * Working in urban watersheds
We're interested especially in groups in the watershed and nearby, 
and in doing the presentations sometime before the end of 2008.

Please contact me if you want more information, or know of a good 
venue.  Email is fine, or call me at 510 655-0818.


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