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   You may have covered this already. If not, may I make a safety/emergency-related suggestion for FoSCers beyond following your
excellent advice about putting the Oakland emergency number into cell phones? 
   Put an emergency contact number for a family member, spouse, whomever you'd want to have called in an emergency, into your cell
phone and preface the contact's name with the phrase '* ICE'. The asterisk at the front should place this emergency number first in
your phone book, so it's easy for others to find in case your 'next-of-kin' need to be called. 'ICE' stands for 'In Case of
Emergency'. Some paramedics and cops will look for this contact info in an accident victim's phone or PDA.
   If FoSC is like most nonprofits in which volunteers venture into wildlands or other potentially risky work environments, it's
probably not common practice for FoSC field supervisors (volunteers themselves mostly?) to carry along the paperwork that the group
has on file re emergency contacts for each volunteer. So having that info in a volunteer's cell phone can be very, very useful in
the event of an accidental injury.
  I hope this information is helpful :)
Edward Goehring

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Hi all,

As we continue our work into the summer, I thought it may be good to pass on a tip from a recent CPR training.  The safety of our
volunteers is the primary concern in the field, but accidents are always possible.  If you carry a cell phone while doing field
work, please consider programming the Oakland PD Emergency Dispatch number into your phone.  Because 911 goes to CHP, it could shave
some time off the response to a call.  The number is 510 777 3211.  Hopefully we won't ever need it!  Also, consider telling your
crew leader or staff person if you have serious allergies or carry medication with you.


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