[Fosc] SalmonAid & what we can do

Walter Epp for7gen at idiom.com
Sun May 25 23:25:51 PDT 2008

The SalmonAid benefit festival will be at Jack London Square in
Oakland May 31 - June 1, details at http://www.salmonaid.org

Salmon are in real trouble, as well as the fishermen who depend on them.
Whether or not you can make it to the festival, for tips on what we can do,
check out the action link on salmonaid.org as well as http://www.water4fish.org
and http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2008/04/18/18493885.php
(the first item has been accomplished, 9 to go)

Only 1% of Coho Salmon now survive. Translated to human beings, this 99% loss
would mean the death of 6 billion people, a thousand times the number of Jews
killed in Nazi concentration camps.  Translated to the U.S., a 99% drop would
leave us with the population of Albania after a loss 100,000 times the death
toll of the World Trade Center attack of September 11.

Salmon are important to the long-term health of pacific ecosystems,
bringing nutrients from the sea, without which the land's vitality 
might steadily decline as the rains wash nutrients downstream.
In some places, 50% of the nitrogen in coastal trees came from Salmon.
More than 137 species depend on Salmon for their survival.

As oil runs out, the underpinnings of the current economic system will be
invalidated and energy-intensive industrial agriculture will fade, so Salmon
will return to a position of high value in the new economic order. They can
sustain people much longer than the oil bubble, as they sustained hundreds
if not thousands of generations in the past - IF we don't wipe them out.

Salmon are miner's canaries revealing the health of watersheds.  Evidence
indicates they have been here a million years longer than people, during which
time there have been 100-year droughts, 100-foot deep lava flows, and multiple
ice ages.  If they can't make it now after making it through all that, then
there's something very wrong in our life support system, and we can expect to
face trouble ourselves if it's not turned around.

Salmon are supreme gift-givers, giving their lives to future generations by
feeding the whole watershed.  They show by example a degree of nobility and
wisdom that can inspire us to rise above the self-orientedness that has become
so prevalent, and work toward the sustainability of _all_ life, including that
beyond our own kind.

Feel free to spread the word.

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