[Fosc] Audit of Public Works Agency

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Wed Jun 4 11:03:09 PDT 2008

I found the notice below on the North Hills Phoenix "Open Forum" 
email list.  There are several areas where FOSC may want to comment 
-- especially about Storm Drainage, given the Benevides landslide of 
this year, and the 4-year wait as we watched the Castle Park 
landslide evolve from a serious problem to an extremely serious and 
expensive repair. The rock and sediment that washed down from that 
landslide seriously impacted Palo Seco creek (which changed course 
just above Highway 13) and deposited a lot of silt in the 
fish-spawning areas of Dimond Canyon.

The Watershed Improvement Program isn't listed below -- but I think 
it's a great opportunity to provide feedback on their work. I don't 
have as much contact with them as our staff folks do, but it seems to 
me that their response to our problems (such as this year's fish 
kill) has been great, and their support of our efforts (including 
Earth Day and Creek To Bay Day) has been very important to us. (At 
yesterday's Alameda County Watershed Forum meeting, Kristin Hathaway 
says they've been re-organized -- they're now the Watershed and 
Stormwater Management department, which I hope bodes well for future 
responsiveness to storm drain issues.)

The Auditor's office will also take written comments handed in at the 
meetings, emailed to cityauditor@ oaklandnet.com or via regular mail at:

Offices of the Oakland City Auditor
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 4th floor
Oakland CA 94612


June 2, 2008

Dear Oakland resident,

I am conducting an audit of the City's Public Works Agency and I 
would like your input on the quality of services the Public Works 
Agency provides to Oakland residents. As your elected City Auditor, I 
will be hosting three open community meetings to provide a forum at 
which residents can express their views on:
    * Sidewalk maintenance and repair
    * Tree trimming
    * Street paving and pothole repair
    * Storm drainage and flooding
    * Maintenance of parks and medians
    * Street lights
    * Recycling
    * Graffiti abatement and
    * Other public works functions
At the meeting, I will introduce you to the audit team including 
members from Matrix Consulting Group, a national research firm with a 
long history of evaluating public works departments, and Gibson &; 
Associates, a local Oakland firm. The intent of the meeting is to 
gather honest feedback from residents. To ensure an open forum, no 
employees from the Public Works Agency will attend the meetings. The 
community meetings will be held at three locations at the end of 
June.  The locations, addresses, dates, and times for these meetings 
are listed below.

Allendale Recreation Center
3711 Suter Street
Oakland , CA
Tuesday, June 24   6:00-7:30 pm

Arroyo Viejo Recreation Center
7701 Krause Avenue
Oakland , CA
Thursday, June 26   6:00-7:30 pm

Bushrod Recreation Center
560 59th Street
Oakland , CA
Saturday, June 28, 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Please circulate this letter to members of your community group or 
organization- citizen feedback is critical to ensuring that the 
community's voice is heard and that the audit addresses its concerns.

If you have any questions regarding the community meetings, please 
contact my office at (510) 238-3378.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. If you would like to 
receive updates about the Public Works Agency Audit and/or any other 
audits, please send an email to cityauditor@ oaklandnet. com to join 
my email list.

Courtney A. Ruby, CPA
Oakland City Auditor

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