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On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 11:47 AM, Hugh Morrison <hughpaigemorrison@ hotmail.com> wrote:

Late last night there was a car jacking on El Centro.  Two guys slowed the driver down
with hand signals (feigning needing assistance) and when the driver stopped & rolled down
his window they pulled out a gun and made him get out of his car and drove it away.

Before they got to Park Blvd. they successfully rammed into a parked car (Christine, Michael
across the street thinks it belongs to one of your tenants) removing the front right tire from
it's wheel and came to a stand still on Park Blvd. for 1hour+  This created quite some noise which is what
brought neighbors out.  Eventually OPD came...

It is disappointing to have an armed theft in Glenview.  The lighting around El Centro & Benevides is quite poor
which doesn't help things.  Christine, maybe you can speak to the City about assessing lighting on this block,
or work with Jeff to do it?

Anyway, be alert out there.  --Hugh

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