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We frequently walk our dogs in joaquin  Miller park on leash.  We often encounter off-leash dogs with their owners and I've taken to carrying pepper spray.  The "rangers" won't do anything about it because it would require walking more than fifty feet from their car.  There are signs all over requiring dogs to be on leash but if it isn't inforced it isn't a law.  The trails are totally unprotected and there is a police responce only AFTER a victim is created.  The rangers DO write "off-leash" tickets at the dog park where owners are bringing their dogs from the car to the dog park.  They can sit in their cars and keep their ticket statistics up that way.

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  Another ugly incident, I heard rather than saw. I was on the upper trail when I heard aggressive barking in the distance.  Below me was a law abiding mom with a stroller and two dogs on leash. The barking got closer and suddenly one of the leashed dogs was attacked and bitten by two free running dogs owned by another woman. It was pathetic. The attacked woman cried as her dog was bitten. As the other woman proceeded away from the scene. The victim almost hysterical confronted her and asked if she even cared about what had happened to her dog.  
  This follows another incident - a man on the trail told me that he tasered a dog that had attacked his leashed dog. The man told he that he doesn't consider it safe anymore on El Centro trail to bring his child! 

  It doesn't take much to imagine this happening to a child.  This day is coming and it really makes me wonder if we are not seeing the Tragedy of the Commons played out before our eyes. This comes from a paper of the same name by Garrett Hardin, Science Vol. 162: 13 Dec. 1968. 

  "Tragedy lies in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things"  "The day of reckoning comes when the inherent logic of the commons remorselessly generates tragedy...Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all." An exaggeration?
  What can be done? More enforcement of leash laws, poop laws, human and canine decency? What will it take?

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