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A slight correction to that. If you ever see an illegal dumping in progress
you should call 911. It is a crime and should be treated as such. 


But as Chris mentions, it is still good to note down as much information
about the location and perpetrators as possible in order to provide the
police or the PWA with information for following up on the incident. 


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>From what I can find on the City of Oakland web site, illegal dumping in
Oakland should be reported with a call to the Oakland Public Works Agency
call center at 510-615-5566. Note the location of the dumping site and, if
possible, get the license plate and/or description of the car. If you have a
camera, take a picture of the scene, any vehicles, and the sludge/washout in
the drain. If you feel comfortable doing so, inform the contractor that what
they are doing is illegal and that they must stop immediately. Washing out
concrete into anything other than a washout container is illegal on many


The Oakland PWA will cite and fine offenders. You can also call the Oakland
Police department and ask if there is someone who can respond more
immediately - (510) 777-3333 - non-emergency number.


Regards, Chris



At 9:06 AM -0700 9/6/08, Brent wrote:

There's a contractor up the street from me who are putting in a foundation
and washed all their waste concrete down the street and into the storm drain
(straight to the creek). There's a good amount of sand & concrete sludge
going down the entire road. The address is 4157 Lyman. Does anyone have a
City number I can call to report?

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