[Fosc] Construction happening--and we need you!

Molly Bolt nursery at sausalcreek.org
Mon Sep 29 12:46:38 PDT 2008

We've got the old shade house down now, with the help of fabulous crews from
East Bay Conservation Corps and Castro Valley Interact Club and a few great
regulars.  We still have 5 2-foot holes to dig before we pour concrete on
the 7th.

If you, your high school students, your community group or church are
available, we want to to work with you!  The construction schedule is
attached, but you could come out any day except Mondays.

We ESPECIALLY need folks this Thursday, for 2pm-6pm or any part of that
time.  Please RSVP by email or at 510 928 6675, so I can get snacks and make
sure we have enough tools.

Thanks for all the support so far,
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