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Sun Dec 21 16:25:19 PST 2008

Stopped by the creek on Winter's Day. In a light rain, all was calm, not a creature was stirring but the creek had its song back. Another new flow was starting its rhythm and rhyme. washing away the dust of the long dry season.  The new plants were snug under their blankets of coil, fresh greens all the more vivid next to the yellow dogwood foliage.

As I walked around our restoration, there was the old oak that fell this year, and at the Dimond Oak, a tiny branch tries to grow. It reminds me how much like our work we are. We an in uncertain times for small organizations like ours require grants, and there the chopping has begun. But we are like the oaks, rooted in our local earth and ready to weather the storm.

As out-going President of the Friends, I want to thank everyone whose made this year a high-water mark for FOSC. What a year it has been! You may have helped out in one of our programs, come to a member meeting, went out weeding, planting, seed collecting, propagating, teaching, cleaning, rebuilding the nursery, donating, volunteering, and that's what makes us a great model community organization - You and an energetic board and a wonderfully professional staff, Sara, Kathren and Molly, who will be having a little foscer soon.  

We begin 2009 with Pat Bacchetti as our new president, and a few new board members, and I am joyful to see our little group getting stronger. FOSC will continue to benefit from your support, and I h
ope you all have a new season as full as our creek is. 

Happy Solstice,

 Mark Rauzon

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