[Fosc] Missing Babies

Ralph Kanz rkanz at sonic.net
Wed Jan 6 14:40:10 PST 2010

When I stopped by the adopted spot to check on the small pallid 
manzanita plants that grew up as a result of the work we did in 2004, I 
discovered that all the flags marking the plants had been removed.  When 
we first discovered the new plants 46 individuals were flagged.  The 
last time I looked in the spring of last year the flags were still in 
place, and three or four plants had died, but we still had 46.  
Yesterday I found all the flags missing (except one that was knocked 
down and hidden in the grass) and could only count 19 live plants and 
five dead plants.  Over 20 plants have gone missing.  The only 
explanation I can come up with is the crews working for the Wildfire 
District ran weed whackers through there and got some of the plants and 
removed all the flags.  Anyone else know anything about what happened? 

Ralph Kanz

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