[Fosc] Sausal Creek Restoration Project and Watershed Art Marker Community Meeting

Timothy Chapman timothymchapman at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 16:12:25 PST 2010

Sausal Creek Restoration Project in Dimond Park

I would like the overlook at the culvert headwall to have an interpretive
display with pictures of the Wellington footbridge and also the original
view south before the culvert.


Watershed Art Marker Community Meeting
I won't be able to attend the meeting but want to suggest a Whittle Creek
marker by the Dimond tennis courts


Frederick Rhoda's first house next to Whittle Creek can still be seen in


"In 1859, Frederick Rhoda arrived, one of the first of many Germans to
settle in what is now the Dimond District.  On the 217 acres he purchased
next to Sausal Creek, Rhoda grew Royal Ann cherries and, in 1869 when the
Transcontinental Railroad came to Oakland, shipped them to the East Coast --
the first California-grown fruit sold in the East."

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