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Ralph and all interested in manzanitas,
First of all it is a very sad state of affairs that so many plants have perished on the Chabot campus in 15 years time. It has been disappointing to watch this and feel frustrated. 

That said, we as a board are committed to working with Chabot to try to solve this problem. There are significant moneys set aside by the Wildfire Assessment District to radically reduce the canopy of fast growing invasive and native trees that have shaded out the manzanitas. This tree removal is actually slated for this spring, and I hope this is not postponed. Every postponement makes us more cynical, and I can't blame you for feeling mislead. However, I believe the event will occur, if it survives public comment, and the overstory will allow manzanita habitat to be restored. The light shock may have killed the shaded manzanitas anyway, but I hope the the seedlings can regenerate in the new conditions. I believe Chabot is committed to making this happen.

FOSC is also having our nursery soils tested for potential pathogens that affect propagated manzanita. A clean bill of health will allow us to consider outplanting in appropriate habitat.

The CIty has also promised FOSC a day or tree removal at the Joaquin Miller manzanita site. 

While these mitigation's may not satisfy your requests, I believe FOSC is moving in a positive, responsible manner to network with larger organizations to accomplish manzanita management in perpetuity. As Buckminster Fuller said, things always happen seem to get saved at the last possible moment, and sadly here, our best hope is this occurring again. If it doesn't however, then FOSC will reconsider remaining options. And thanks Ralph for your stewardship on this issue and keeping us focused.

Mark Rauzon
Restoration Committee

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It can now be officially declared that the population at Chabot is down to five individual pallid manzanita, from the 21 found in 1994, and that the Chabot Space and Science Center does not intend to honor the terms of the MOU they signed with the Department of Fish and Game.  As Dean Sparks' email of January 26, 2010 made clear, Chabot will not place a conservation easement on the property, even though it is a requirement of the MOU, and would be consistent with the 1995 EIR that requires Chabot to manage the population in perpetuity.  Without the conservation easement, the project will not fulfill the requirement for management in perpetuity.  This leaves those of us who want to move forward with actions to assist this species in a predicament, since implementation of all of the MOU'is requirements is necessary to allow FOSC to take management actions. 
How as an organization are we going to move forward on this?  We need to be able to implement a plan with sound science that will help lead to the restoration of the habitat for this species.  I believe we need to approach DFG and obtain our own permit, and no longer associate with an organization that does not seem committed to this process. 
Ralph Kanz 
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