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Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 26 11:30:49 PST 2010

Here's an interesting item from the CA-NATIVES listserv.   I wonder 
how it would apply to the Oakland Wildfire Prevention District -- 
which undertook it's vegetation clearing after the 1991 fire, and has 
continued, with some stops and starts, but never an environmental 
review, as far as I know.   Does anyone know the details?

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>From: Richard Halsey <rwh at CALIFORNIACHAPARRAL.ORG>
>Subject: Native Plants and ecosystems win one
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>Good morning folks! Native plants won this morning.
>This lawsuit win will have significant implications across the state because
>local agencies have been frequently using emergency exemptions in CEQA to
>ram through environmentally destructive vegetation treatments without any
>environmental review. Now they are on notice that environmental laws matter.
>Please pass along.
>For Immediate Release, February 25, 2010
>Contact:  Richard W. Halsey, Director, (760) 822-0029
>                   Rory Wicks, Coast Law Group, (760) 942-8505
>Preliminary Court Ruling favors fire safety and nature over county's poorly
>planned vegetation clearance project
>County broke law when it skipped environmental review of plan
>SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The Superior Court issued a preliminary ruling today in
>favor of the California Chaparral Institute indicating that the County of
>San Diego violated state law by exempting its backcountry vegetation
>clearance projects from public and environmental review.
>"This is a victory for both citizens and nature," said Richard Halsey,
>director of the Institute. "The best way to protect lives, property, and
>natural resources from wildfire is through proper community design and
>sensible vegetation management directly around homes, not striping habitat
>in the backcountry. This ruling will give citizens the opportunity to
>participate in developing a rational approach to fire risk reduction. It's
>time we stop wasting millions of dollars of tax-payer money on projects that
>actually increase the threat of fire to people."
>The final court hearing on this matter will be tomorrow morning, Friday,
>February 26, at 10:00 AM in the Superior Court Department SD-71 located at
>330 West Broadway, San Diego. The preliminary ruling can be found at the
>link below:
>Additional background information regarding this lawsuit can be found on the
>California Chaparral Institute's website here:
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>The California Chaparral Institute
>P.O. Box 545
>Escondido, CA 92033

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