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Tue Mar 23 19:43:40 PDT 2010

While walking around with Megan Hess, restoration/nursery coordinator extraordinaire, we spotted a pair of Cooper's Hawks mating in a tree above the tot lot this afternoon in Dimond Park. They were drawing attention to themselves by mating, screeching (!) and chasing each other. I'll bet they nest in the woods on the other side of the creek. Then sharp-eyed Megan spotted the 113TH species for the watershed- a Black-crowned Night-heron that was perched in alders that were planted 8 years ago that are now quite thick and tall.  Wonder what it's doing now? stalking our wily trout, no doubt.

Megan and I were scouting areas for our upcoming Earth Day activities. We hope you can join us to help weed, plant or assist in other tasks of the day as we expect 150 people. We sure could use some additional crew leaders.
See you on April 17, 9 am in Dimond Park, or check our website for a venue near you. www.sausalcreek.org 
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