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Pete and I spent the day weeding Barry Place.  The joy of finding flowering natives under invasives was matched by the pleasures of human interaction.  Reggie and the guy who is the defacto block leader stopped by, mentioned that they now pick up trash at the site.  Phil, singing while he rode his bicycle down the street, stopped.  He complimented my ability to kneel, something he has not been able to do since an excessively athletic youth (basketball). We shared memories of working with the Black Panthers in the 70s, and both the positive and negative impacts of that organization. KK, born is San Francisco in 1951, giggled about collecting California poppy seeds with her friends as a kid and smoking them.  She was used to getting a tea from her mom made of the same plant to relax.  She told me that when she weeded with her mom, gloveless, they would rub grass on their hands to prevent blisters.  She also told me, although I am only a few years younger, that I was "just a pup". I liked that lady!  Susan, a nurse at the hospital accross the street, stopped by twice.  She has volunteered at Dimond Park, and spends her lunch hour clipping ivy on the Gladman Hospital side of the site (John, you're not alone!).  On her second visit Pete gave her a tour of the creek.  She promised to join us on Earth Day.  Someone asked to interview me for a publication.  At that point I was dehydrated, possibly approaching sunstroke (when I get to weeding I find it hard to stop) and I did not have the presence of mind to ask what publication.  Maybe the hospital newsletter?  I hope I wasn't too incoherent.  I think she plans to use the quote where I said that gardens lift the spirit.  Many others waved, complimented the work and thanked us.
Barry Place is the most public of the creek sites.  I encourage FOSCers to sometime, on one of your volunteer days, venture down to Barry Place.  Come for the homo sapiens, stay for the creek.  We'll be there on Earth Day.
Note to John: our ragtag ground cover appears to have protected the hillside we denuded of blackberry from the rains.  It's still there!  Sheelah
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