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Mon Apr 5 17:45:18 PDT 2010

Spring migration is underway at the creek, I heard the first of the season Wilson Warblers on the 30th of March, then the first Pacific-slope Flycatchers on Saturday when FOSC president Carl Kohnert and I scoped out the canyon for Earth Day. Later I ran into a flock of Audubon and Myrtle Warblers: once lumped as Yellow-rumped Warblers, they have recently been split into solo species (again!). They and a junco were eating oak moth larvae, with the junco carrying food to a hidden nest. With them was a Townsend Warbler. 

On Monday I ran into an old timer who grew up playing in the creek in the 1950-60's. He says he used to catch frogs and snakes in the creek- and they and the fish disappeared around 1965-66 time frame. We have the trout back, as evidenced by Sheelah's sighting of heron, and this guy saw a gopher snake cross the trail above the Leimert bridge. 

Mark Rauzon
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