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Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Wed Apr 28 11:22:30 PDT 2010

I wouldn't be surprised if peregrines had been using the Fruitvale 
Bridge since back in FOSC's oyster-monitoring days. We'd find skulls 
of various birds at the base of the towers.  We didn't notice any 
nesting (we were largely focused on counting native oysters, so we 
were looking at our fingers, not the sky), but some large raptor with 
a taste for birds had definitely been having many meals at the site.)

And the now-defunct PG&E falcons group had some emails about falcons 
on the Fruitvale Bridge, circa 2007-2008, see: 

At 10:53 AM 4/28/2010, Ralph Kanz wrote:
>Based on what I have seen, read, and heard, we have Pergrine falcons 
>nesting on the Fruitvale Bridge, and the babies have hatched! Martha 
>and I stopped by on Sunday and saw the adult birds flying. The nest, 
>high up on the Alameda tower, is visible from the Oakland side of 
>the Estuary.
>Does anyone know if there are any historical records of Peregrines 
>nesting in the Sausal Creek watershed? In 2008 we had the first 
>recorded spawning of steelhead in the Alameda Creek watershed in 46 
>years. (I am the Conservation Director for the Alameda Creek 
>Alliance.)  How many years since Peregrine falcons nested in 
>Oakland?  One of the adults at the Fruitvale Bridge was hatched at 
>the San Jose City Hall nest. There is a great photo gallery that 
>includes pictures of the babies: 
>There are also Peregrines downtown, with birds sitting on the State 
>building, and Monday morning a bird was seen on the clock on City Hall.
>Ralph Kanz
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