[Fosc] Matching contributions

Richard Kauffman richard at rkcommunications.com
Fri May 14 16:35:27 PDT 2010

Will you be a FOSC matchmaker?

As you probably know, FOSC is a nonprofit corporation funded by individual
contributions, corporate gifts and government and foundation grants. We have
a $100,000 annual operating budget (for staff salaries, tools, supplies,
printing, mailing, etc.) that we struggle to meet every year. One of the
most efficient ways of raising money is through corporation matching
contributions. Several companies in the Bay Area have matching programs
through which the company will match any donation employees make to a
qualifying nonprofit. You can help FOSC by finding out if your company has
such a program and putting us in touch with the program director or contact.
We will make sure FOSC is on your company's matching list. Contact Kimra at
coordinator at sausalcreek.org. If we're successful in hooking up with your
company (or other companies you refer us to), we'll say thank you by giving
you a free plant at our next native plant sale!

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