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This afternoon I followed Hilary Power's suggestion below and visited the falcons on the Fruitvale Bridge. They are visible on the northwest corner of the superstructure, as seen from the Nob Hill Plaza in Alameda. Look at the top in the outside girder below the windows, and look fast. While I was there I could see three large young and the parent bring in and pluck a bird to feed them...

Thought you'd enjoy the news that one of the Fruitvale eyases is named "Sausal".... 
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Subject: SFBay Raptors Field Reports Hiko and Haya's eyases have names! 
The three young falcons on the Fruitvale bridge have their names. 
Sausal is a falcon, banded with 54/D on the right leg. Her name means a willow grove and comes from Sausal Creek which empties into the Oakland Estuary at the Fruitvale Bridge. The name was proposed by a nearby resident who has watched Hiko and Haya since they arrived, and he commented "the idea that the creek was lined with willows takes us back to another time" 
Tilden is a tiercel, banded with 59/P on the right leg. He is named for Tilden Way, the street that crosses the Estuary on the Miller-Sweeny bridge beside the falcons' home on the railroad bridge. Charles Lee Tilden was a resident of Alameda and the first President of the board of directors of the East Bay Regional Park District. 
Makya is a tiercel, banded with 97/M on the left leg. His name is a Native American word for hunter. One place I looked it up gave "lover of the chase" as the meaning. Nice! Makya's name came from Hiko and Haya's "landlords", the great folks at Alameda Co. Public Works, who take care of Alameda's drawbridges. 
All three young falcons continue to thrive. Fledging is expected later this week, or beginning of next. They are developing distinct personalities. Sausal is very quiet, Tilden is the noisiest (he kaks at airplanes!), and Makya often follows his brother around like a shadow. They are losing the last of their down and becoming sleek and beautiful juvenile falcons, and soon will be testing those wing feathers! 
Hilary Powers
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