[Fosc] A Dimond Day

mjrauz at aol.com mjrauz at aol.com
Sat May 22 20:13:26 PDT 2010

We had a huge turn-out in Dimond Park to restore (read weed) today. About 150 Build-on high schoolers came out and did very fine work. Megan can fill in the details, and as usual she rocks for pulling it off. Not to be outdone, Board member Eddie Durbar had about 10 photographers shooting the 'shed for insects. Karen Paulsell was among them and it was also her birthday. HBD Karen! Plus the Peregrine falcons fledged on the Fruitvale Bridge in the last day or so. Finally last wednesday we had a member's meeting and 19 friends gathered for a glooming walk through Dimond Park after dark. No owls or bats were seen, but we had fun anyhoo.

Mark Rauzon
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