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We observed a pair on Palo Seco branch in the first pool, that appeared to be in mating behavior. I think we got a photo of one of them. This was on the bird monitoring day, April 17.

mark rauzon

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 Re:  Seen any rainbow trout lately?

On April 23, I saw one ~4-5" RBT where the creek bends in front of the Lions Pool; once spooked, it holed up in the undercut concrete bank, which provides good cover.

May 22: (a) spotted ~6" RBT in the large pool at El Centro near the bank, where the water had cleared; (b) in the small plunge pool above the long riffle b/t El Centro and the Leimert Bridge, spotted one ~4" RBT; (c) in the tail out of that same pool, spotted two tiny fry in the gravelly bottom... then a giant lab plodded happily through the middle of the creek.  Doubt the fish were happy about this otherwise friendly visitor, however.  


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   1. Seen any rainbow trout lately? (Karen Paulsell)


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There's an informal trout-sighting log on the FOSC website at:
http://www.sausalcreek.org/sausal/nature_pdf/Fish_Story.pdf  that I
updated recently.

I've added a few major "events", like the New Year's storm in 2006
that caused a large landslide in Shepherd Canyon and diverted Palo
Seco Creek at Joaquin Miller Court.

The water will soon clear up after all this wonderful rain, and we'll
be trout-spotting again. So if you see any of our trout, send an
email to the list, with numbers, sizes, locations.


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