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Mon Jul 19 08:32:05 PDT 2010

Birding on Saturday was a view of summer's production. Camille Nowell and I found California quail at our new restoration site at Sequoia bowl at Skyline. This is a specie found only here in the watershed to my knowledge. At the Joaquin Miller Court we saw baby trout and baby Wilson's warblers; at the Demonstration garden in Dimond Park, we found that the Cooper's Hawk had fledged 2-3 young. One was carrying and eating a dead pigeon (yea!) and another had a towel-like fabric on its foot (boo-I hope it wasn't stuck). There were many baby song sparrows produced this season and some will fall prey to the hawk family. Wood park is looking fabulous due to all the efforts at clean-up and planting, and the Fruitvale Bridge may have had a falcon chick, we couldn't be sure. But we have heard that two of the three chicks raised there have died. It's tough being a bird.

Mark Rauzon

ps/ I heard there was an insect monitoring event on Sunday- anybody have results?
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