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Chloramine is suspected in this fish kill, an investigation is on-going. EBMUD was/is working on Wellington Ave, just above where the kill occurred, but it is unknown if they are the cause. The fish were evidently all in the same pool, all 25, so it was localized.  

There has been water discharges/ sewage spills earlier in the summer, some starting as far upstream as Shepard Cyn and near the golf course, but the dilution factor allows trout- all age classes- to exist in the El Centro pool in some abundance as of friday.

When the city completes the investigation, we will report on the findings.

Mark Rauzon

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  Is chloramine the suspect in this fish kill? At this time of year withlow flows it would not take much chloramine treated water to cause aproblem.

Ralph Kanz

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A follow-up tothe recent fish kill in Sausal Creek where ~25 trout died in DimondPark below Wellington.  
Tonight on Ch. 5 KPIX at 6pm news is the story about thesituation by correspondant Sherry Hu, featuring Leslie Estes of theCity and myself for the Friends. 
Should be interesting.
 Mark Rauzon
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To download the August-September '10 issue of theFriendsof Sausal Creek'snewsletterin .pdf format, please go to  http://www.sausalcreek.org/about/newsletters/fosc_news_8-10.pdf.
The newsletter contains an article by FOSC board member Sean Welch, whohas been visually monitoring the rainbow trout in Sausal Creek.  He hasbeen amazed by the number of fish in the creek this wet year. Unfortunately, we have just been notified by the City of Oakland thatlast week city staff found 25 dead rainbow trout downstream from theculvert at Wellington Street in Dimond Park, where EBMUD crews had beenworking.  The City Watershed and Stormwater Management Program notifiedthe Regional Water Quality Control Board, and there currently is aninvestigation to determine if there are any linkages between EBMUD'sactivities and the fish kill.  While storm drains and culverts maydrain to the Bay, things dumped into them first travel throughtributaries like Sausal Creek where even small amounts of tap water canhave lethal effects on fish due to the chloramine or chlorine used fordisinfecting drinking water.  
This is a reminder of just how fragile the trout population is inSausal Creek.  
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