[Fosc] Important fire prevention meetings today

Richard Kauffman richard at rkcommunications.com
Thu Aug 26 10:57:14 PDT 2010

Important Fire Prevention Meetings Today

FEMA is providing interested parties the opportunity to participate in
public informational scoping meetings regarding FEMA's proposed action
related to four pre-disaster mitigation grant applications. One of these
grants is for Claremont Canyon. The remaining grants are for Strawberry
Canyon and several parcels in the North Oakland Hills on land owned by the
City of Oakland, U.C. and East Bay Regional Parks District.

FEMA is holding two meetings whose format will be identical.

The meetings will be held as follows:

First meeting: 2-4:30 pm, Thursday August 26

Second meeting: 6:30 9:00 pm, Thursday August 26

Location: The Trudeau Center, 11500 Skyline Drive, Oakland.

The first hour of each session will be an open house during which attendees
can speak to federal, state and local representatives regarding the proposed

Restoration advocates are encouraged to attend to counter what will likely
be attendance at the meeting by parties intent on thwarting this planned

A showing of support for this planned removal of flammable, highly invasive
species from these project areas will be greatly appreciated by the agencies
who have proposed this important work. Evidence of public support of
pre-disaster mitigation grant proposals is important in FEMA's eyes. Here's
your chance to demonstrate it. 

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