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Creek-to-Bay Day at Shepherd Canyon: Celebrate Creek-to-Bay Day at Escher Gate (on Escher Drive) in Shepherd Canyon Park from 9am-noon to continue restoration of an area once used as a dump.  We will continue our work with clearing blackberry vines, vinca minor, broom and thistle.  Other activities include trail maintenance, spreading mulch on trails and replanting with native plants.   Bring gloves and small tools if you have them.  Dress in layers and wear sturdy shoes.   Contact Adrienne at bryantah at lmi.net for more information and to RSVP.
 Directions to Escher Gate in Shepherd Canyon Park
>From Berkeley on Highway 13
Exit at Park Blvd. ramp
Turn left at the light.
Go one block and turn left at the light onto Mountain Blvd.
**Go to the second stop light and turn right at Snake Road.  Go .2 miles
At intersection of Snake Road and Shepherd Canyon Road, continure  straight ahead through the intersection on to Shepherd Canyon Road.
Continue for 0.7 miles past the Fire House and the playing field until you 
see a sign on a pole "Shepherd Canyon Park" with an arrow pointing right. 
Just beyond the pole is a new planted area with red flags or safety barriers.
    Make a hard right turn right at the chalk board sign on to Escher Drive 
(FYI: sign for Escher can only be seen at the last moment).
Go .5 miles to the yellow fire gate.  (Also look for an old blue Madza 

>From Hayward
Exit at Park Blvd. ramp
Turn left at light onto Mountain Blvd.
Continue from ** above to get to Escher Gate in Shepherd Canyon Park

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