[Fosc] Another great Creek-to-Bay Day!

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Tue Sep 28 17:25:02 PDT 2010

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Creek-to-Bay Day!  There were more than 230 volunteers watershed wide on Saturday.  Incredible achievements of the day included the removal of more than 25 bags of trash at the Creek's outflow site near the Fruitvale Bridge, a newly installed erosion blanket at Barry Place, more than 30 cubic yards of invasive species cleared out of Dimond Canyon Park, and more than 40 participants volunteered throughout the upper watershed sites at Beaconsfield Canyon, Shepherd Canyon, Fern Ravine, Big Trees, and the JMP Nursery.   A special thanks to all of the crew leaders who put in extra time planning ahead, arriving early, and cleaning up at the end of the day, including, Richard, Karen, Beth and Wendy at Beaconsfield Canyon, Adrienne and Herb at Shepherd Canyon, Rob at Fern Ravine, Ralph and Ben at the Big Trees Pallids site, Barbara, Beth and Jeff at the JMP Nursery, Alexis, Angel, Brian, Carmen, Elsanor, Fanny, Helen, Jamie, John, Mark, Pat, Patrick, and Steve in Dimond Park and Dimond Canyon,  Sheelah and Pete at Barry Place, Lisa at Wood Park, and finally, Jill, Ian and Lesta at Fruitvale Bridge Park.  Thank you all for your great leadership and hard work!  

Please take a moment to view some of the highlights of the day in this photo collection compiled by Kimra: http://www.pics.sankmcafee.com/CTBD10/index.htm.  
Thanks again,
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