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I believe horses and donkeys are invasive species. Shouldn't we axe the suckas?

Fanny La Broom

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The new edition of the Trails and Tributaries of the Sausal Creek
Watershed has been placed in the trailhead boxes around the upper
watershed. So, like, take a hike, or a bike, or your dog, horse, or
donkey (there is someone who walks his donkey in JM Park!) and

If you've been cherishing your copy of the previous version, you won't
get lost, these are the changes in the new map:

Trail reroutes: at the intersection of Chaparral and Sequoia-Baview;
at the intersection of Big Trees and Sequoia-Bayview, and on
Sequoia-Bayview near Skyline
Trail name change: the former Sheperd Canyon Bike Path is now the
Montclair Railroad Trail, a reflection of its location and its history
A short trail segment on Fern Ravine that connects Sequoia-Bayview to
the Orchard Trail now is open to bicycles (fixing an error in previous
maps that was copied in our first edition)

PS: The maps are going fast, already! If you find a trail box empty, drop
me an email and we'll restock in a few days!

PPS: If you'd like to help keep your local trailhead stocked, let us
know, we'll give you a supply.

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