[Fosc] Fish Kill Update: EBMUD Declines FOSC Proposal for Restoration Funding

Kimra McAfee coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Mon Jan 16 08:56:37 PST 2012

Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

As you may recall, on August 5, 2010, 25 rainbow trout were killed in 
Sausal Creek ostensibly from an accidental discharge of superchlorinated 
water by an EBMUD crew working nearby.  Since that time, EBMUD has been 
engaging in settlement discussions with the San Francisco Bay Regional 
Water Quality Control Board.  We had hoped that EBMUD would choose to do 
a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) in the discharge area as part 
of the settlement, and we submitted a project for consideration that 
would support our organization's restoration efforts.  SEP's can be 
included in settlements like this in an effort to restore the 
environment in the area where it has been damaged.  We found out last 
week, however, that EBMUD did not choose to include an SEP in the 
proposed settlement.  The Regional Board is accepting public comments 
through *January 20, 5 p.m*.  If you'd like to support FOSC's efforts 
for an SEP, you can do so by emailing hkifle at waterboards.ca.gov 
<mailto:hkifle at waterboards.ca.gov>, or send your comments by mail to San 
Francisco Bay Regional Water Board, Attn: Habte Kifle, 1515 Clay Street, 
Suite 1400, Oakland, CA 94612.

The full text of the tentative settlement agreement can be found at:


Thank you for your help,


Article from /FOSC News/ April-May '11

*Sausal Creek Fish Kill Update*

On August 5, 2010, while conducting a site visit for the upcoming
Sausal Creek restoration project, Kristin Hathaway with the
City of Oakland's Watershed and Stormwater Manager Program
discovered a rainbow trout fish kill in a Sausal Creek pool in
Dimond Park. At least 25 rainbow trout were killed. After
investigating this fish kill incident, as well as a 23,400-gallon
sediment-laden chlorinated potable water discharge into Reliez
Valley Creek in Lafayette, the San Francisco Bay Regional Water
Quality Control Board issued a Complaint for Administrative
Civil Liability (ACL) on February 18, 2011, proposing that East
Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) pay $76,600 in fines for
these two unpermitted discharges. For the Sausal Creek discharge,
they found that EBMUD had used super-chlorinated water to
disinfect a newly installed drinking water pipeline; the water was
then stored in a truck for dechlorination but was not tested for
residual chlorine prior to discharging it into the storm drain that
leads to Sausal Creek.

EBMUD has waived their right to a hearing before the Regional
Board within 90 days, electing to engage in settlement discussions.
You can track the status of the case at www.waterboards.ca.gov 
by searching for Complaint No. R2-2011-0005. The Friends of
Sausal Creek will post updates on our listserv. You can join our
listserv by emailing coordinator at sausalcreek.org 
<mailto:coordinator at sausalcreek.org> or by signing up at

/-Kimra McAfee/

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