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Mark Rauzon mjrauz at aol.com
Sun Jan 29 17:06:07 PST 2012

Saturday on the quarterly bird monitoring of Sausal Creek, in Dimond Park, Oakland. Penn Hughes found a bright male Wilson's Warbler, up the El Centro Ave. trail about a quarter mile at the turn-around wide area, before the trail narrows in the canyon. Wilson's Warbler is rare in winter in the Bay Area. It is testimony to the quality of habitat that it could overwinter in our restoration area. I can say overwinter because we saw one like it on the October count- normally they are neo-tropical migrants and should be in Central America now. 

Also, Martha Berthelsen found a female Varied Thrush, a northern breeder wintering in our restoration area probably because they like open ground in woods to forage in the leaf litter.

Here is a photo of a Wilson's warbler, not the best photo but probably of the very bird himself, taken early this year. And a varied thrush too.


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