[Fosc] Bioassessment Monitoring, Sunday, Feb. 5, 9 a.m.

Kimra McAfee coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Thu Feb 2 12:57:59 PST 2012

Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

Please join the bioassessment team for aquatic insect monitoring this 
Sunday, February 5, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.  The team will gather at the Scout Hut 
in Dimond Park and team member Travis Peterson will discuss the team's 
findings so far, analyzing this data alongside data collected in 2000.  
The team will then split into two groups, one to perform monitoring in 
Dimond Canyon, and the other will go to Palo Seco Creek to perform 

RSVPs are encouraged so enough handouts can be prepared, please.  RSVP 
to Kathleen Harris at kathalini at comcast.net.  Please note that this 
event is for adults only.

Attached is a report from the team's January monitoring.  The report is 
also copied below for listserv digest recipients who cannot receive 

A huge thank you to Kathleen Harris and Travis Peterson for their team 


  *_Interesting Findings from January Insect Monitoring_*

*Two sites in Dimond Park show very different insect counts*

On January 8^th , eight volunteers performed samplings of Sausal Creek 
for aquatic benthic macroinvertebrates in a continuing effort to assess 
the overall health of the creek.Benthic Macroinvertebrates (BMI's) are 
animals without backbones, such as insects, worms, and snails that live 
in the creek for some or all of their life cycle.

We sampled two separate sites in Dimond Park: a section of the creek 
just below El Centro across from the Tot Lot, and a section below 
Wellington Street, on the other side of the culvert.This site is of 
particular interest to us because of the upcoming "day-lighting" of the 
section of the creek below Wellington Street.We want to get good 
before-and-after samples to see what effect the restoration has on that 
section of the creek.

The Wellington site team: Lou, Amit, Travis, and Gene
Not shown, the Children's Play Structure team: May, Michelle, Carol, and 

The sampling consisted of three "kick samples" at each of the 
locations.To perform a kick sample, one volunteer positions a net across 
an area where the water is flowing nicely.Then a second volunteer 
disturbs the area just upstream of the net, moving the rocks, and 
digging fingers into the sand and sediment to get all of the little 
invertebrates that live in the rocks and sand into the net.Next, the net 
is emptied into a bin, and the invertebrates are sorted and counted 
according to the type of organism that they are.Finally, the 
invertebrates are placed back into the creek, so they can continue with 
their lives.

We found interesting differences between the two sites, although these 
sites are not really that far apart.Here's what we found (and here's a 
link to an EPA document that more fully explains what we're doing here, 


*below Wellington*


*Children's Play Structure*

*total BMI's*(all of the organisms we saw)





*total insects*(just counting insects)





*% insects*





*EPT total*(Ephemeroptera/


families of insects)





*% EPT*





*Total Taxa*(total different types of

Organisms seen--an index of diversity)





You can see that there are some differences in our data between 
sites.What does it mean?It certainly seems like there are far fewer 
organisms below Wellington Street, and that the types of organisms found 
are different in the two sampling sites.

But, of course, this is only one sample.So we need to repeat sampling at 
these sites at least one more time.And this data doesn't tell us 
anything about WHY these differences occur.

Our next sampling is Sunday, February 5^th (9 a.m.-1 p.m., meet at the 
Scout Hut in Dimond Park). We are going up into Joaquin Miller Park to 
sample an area that was part of the bioassessment effort some years 
back.That site will be away from roads and culverts.We will also 
continue sampling in Dimond Park to get an idea of the numbers and types 
of organisms we can expect to find in the creek.

You can join us!Contact Kathleen Harris: e-mail kathalini at comcast.net.


Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
P.O. Box 2737
Oakland, CA 94602

ph:  510.501.FOSC (3672)
e-mail: coordinator at sausalcreek.org
web: www.sausalcreek.org

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