[Fosc] Workday Saturday in Beaconsfield Canyon

Richard Kauffman richard at rkcommunications.com
Tue Mar 27 10:48:55 PDT 2012

Celebrate the Rain!
Beaconsfield Canyon Workday -- this Saturday, 9:00-noon

It¹s just water. Put on your raingear and mudboots and join us for our
monthly pulling and cutting party in Beaconsfield Canyon. (Everything comes
out more easily when it¹s wet, and you feel that much more intrepid
afterwards.) Be sure to have good treads on your boots or shoes for slippery
ground. Tools, gloves, and shelter (trees) provided. Mapquest 2639
Beaconsfield Place, or contact Richard Kauffman (531-1237 or
richard at rkcommunications.com) for directions or more information. If it¹s
really pouring, we¹ll cancel, but light rain doesn¹t bother us. I¹ll post a
notice here Saturday at 8:30 if it looks too wet to work.

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