[Fosc] Free Rainwater Catchment Installation Workshop on Sat., May 12, 1-5 p.m.

Kimra McAfee coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Tue Apr 24 14:26:09 PDT 2012

Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

The date has been set for the rain barrel installation workshop in the 
watershed that was announced in the April-May '12 FOSC newsletter.  It 
will be held in the Oakmore neighborhood on *Saturday, May 12, *from*1-5 
p.m.*  You can email ingrid at dig.coop <mailto:ingrid at dig.coop> or call 
(510) 459-0584 to receive workshop details. You can sign-up at 


*This is a free 4 hour workshop for City of Oakland residents who are 
interested in learning about rain water harvesting, low impact design 
landscaping, and how to make your home more watershed friendly.  At the 
workshop, we will give a brief presentation on design elements and 
considerations for rainwater harvesting and then a collective, hands-on 
installation of a rain tank at the Oakmore resident/hosts' home. *

*The event will feature presentations by representatives of The City of 
Oakland Watershed Program, The Watershed Project, DIG Cooperative and 
other professionals in the field.*

*Those in attendance will also have an opportunity to purchase the 
discounted barrels & tanks and arrange for their delivery at home or 
pick up from one of our distribution locations.*

*To buy a tank, learn more about the opportunity for discounted rain 
tanks and further information about the Oakland Rain Barrel Program, 
visit the city web page: *_www.oaklandpw.com/rainbarrel_

Help slow the flow!


Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
P.O. Box 2737
Oakland, CA 94602

ph:  510.501.FOSC (3672)
e-mail: _coordinator at sausalcreek.org_ <mailto:coordinator at sausalcreek.org>
web: _www.sausalcreek.org_ <http://www.sausalcreek.org>

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