[Fosc] Thanks for another incredible Earth Day!

Megan Hess megkhess at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 16:04:29 PDT 2012

Thanks a million to everyone who helped out at Earth Day events last
weekend!  We had more than 220 participants volunteering at eleven sites
throughout the watershed.  Saturday was a gorgeous warm spring day, well
spent by planting riparian species under the shade of oak trees, spreading
mulch along trails, removing three foot tall annual grasses to uncover this
year's native plantings, sweating in the sun while battling blackberry
brambles, filling more than 70 trash bags with litter that was on its way
to pollute the estuary, and enjoying this one of a kind beautiful
watershed!  Sunday fog welcomed a group of Earth Day celebrators at Fern
Ravine, to care for the Sausal Creek headwaters. This is an incredible time
of year to get outside to enjoy the spring blooms, and to appreciate all of
the hard work the Friends put into protecting the watershed last weekend,
and year-round.   Thank you all for all of your amazing help!


Megan Hess
Restoration and Nursery Manager
Friends of Sausal Creek
Field at sausalcreek.org
 Field & Office hrs: Tues-Fri, 9am-4pm
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