[Fosc] "Dimond the Beautiful" in 1896

Timothy Chapman timothymchapman at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 22:33:16 PDT 2012

San Francisco Call
April 13, 1896
Dimond the Beautiful

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The photo marked "Town of Dimond"  is the corner where Bank of America is

The photo marked "The Octopus" must be the Dimond Oak that used to be next
to the Scout Hut in the park. I am curious about the building next to the
tree in the 1896 drawing. Dimond died on January 15,1896 and this article
was written April 13,1896. In 1897 his son Dennis used adobe bricks from
the original Peralta home to build a cottage that we know today as the
Scout Hut. The building in the drawing must have been next to the tree
before the cottage was built by Dennis.  Anybody know what this building
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