[Fosc] Talk -- native bees.

Alan Tong atonbn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 17:40:51 PDT 2012

Hello.        My first time on the FOSC listserv mail.   It's pretty good.
    I noticed a flyer at the Pendragon bookstore that might  be of interest
to bee watchers.
    This Mon. 08-20, Dr. Gordon Frankie will talk for an hour or 2 about
native bees at El Cerrito City Hall.  This is the faculty person who has
researched and started a UCB garden  on native bees.  Maybe has a book
 coming out  --i dunno.
Free,  and the flyer asks for an rsvp only.    If anyone is interested I'll see
you there on Monday.
    Alan  Tong

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