[Fosc] Watercourses Class Reminder & Sept. 8 Rain Harvesting Workshop at Chabot

Kimra McAfee coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Fri Aug 31 17:33:14 PDT 2012

Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

A couple of things:

1)  I know I already promoted Merritt College's Restoration of 
Watercourses class in FOSC's August-September '12 Newsletter, but I just 
heard from Robin Freeman that the class could get cut early next week if 
several more students don't enroll.  So if you were thinking about 
enrolling, or know anyone who might be interested, please do so today.  
Attached is a flyer (digest folks can email me if you want a copy 
emailed to you).

*Restoration of Watercourses
*ENVMT 33 AA, AB, AC (3 units) Codes: 42397, 42457, 42458
Freeman & Kaplow, SRH and field (rfreeman at peralta.edu)
Wed 6:30-9:20 PM (9/12-11/7)
Sat 10:00 AM-2:30 PM (9/22, 9/29, 10/13, 10/27, 11/10, 11/17)
Principles and practices in the restoration and monitoring of creeks and 
watersheds; overview of
global water cycle and atmospheric circulation; basic hydrologic 
principles and processes including
erosion, flooding, and deposition of sediment; introduction to physical, 
chemical, and biological
characteristics of streams, springs, and groundwater; restoration 
techniques with native plants.
*/NOTE: The Major requires taking ALL sections/codes./*
Merritt College Environmental Program www.ecomerritt.org 

2)  The Oakland Rain Barrel Program (ORBP) invites FOSCers to a free 
rainwater harvesting workshop at Chabot Space & Science Center on 
Saturday, September 8, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.  The workshop will showcase 
the ORBP's large cistern project as a model of large scale rainwater 
harvesting and will instruct on the full range of rainwater harvesting, 
from 50 gallon barrels to 620 gallon tanks and cisterns. *It will be 
hosted by Chabot Space & Science Center, where a 3,000 gallon tank is 
housed, and led by ORBP subcontracted partners DIG Cooperative Inc. and 
the Watershed Project. ***

*"In this free three hour workshop, we will spend the first 45 minutes 
giving an overview of the fundamentals of rainwater catchment with rain 
tanks and gardens, and then do a tour of the built system at the 
facility. The last hour will be a hands-on session for technical 
support, featuring tools, products and more for those seeking more 
knowledge in this area, and a breakout discussion group."***

You can sign up for this workshop at 
http://orbpchabotworkshop.eventbrite.com/ .

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
P.O. Box 2737
Oakland, CA 94602

ph:  510.501.FOSC (3672)
e-mail: coordinator at sausalcreek.org
web: www.sausalcreek.org

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