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Here's a happy note to end the year on: First the sad news.  Around June 10. 2011, two of the Peregrine Falcons that nested at the Fruitvale Bridge were found shot in the lower Oakland hills near the Mormon Temple. Michael Thilgin, one of the founding FOSC board members wrote:  

"... one of our foremen picked up a piece of equipment at our house. He drove down to Tiffin, and as he turned left, he saw the falcon, shot, on the sidewalk. He threw a tarp over her and brought her to the office. We gave her water and took her to Lindsay." see:  


Almost a year and a half has passed and the investigation is still on-going. This particular Peregrine Michael mentions cannot fly well enough to be released, 
and has been moved to a propagation center where she can live in a large aviary and contribute to the population. 

But her mother Haya, can fly.  On 12/3/12 , at Pt Pinole Regional Park, people gathered to witness the release of Haya., the female that was born on San Jose City Hall and raised two broods on the Fruitvale Bridge. Through the prodigious efforts of --- her broken wing was rehabilitated and since her release, she has been out flying for a week.  She has made her way from Pt Pinole to the downtown area of Richmond, and was able on Wednesday afternoon to successfully hunt and catch a pigeon.  Last Friday, she flew to a known location where two peregrines roost.  None were present when she flew there before dawn but about an hour later the female returned.  Haya crab-walked toward the other falcon and fluffed herself up.  Then did a little talon to talon in-air battle with Haya upside down before she flew back to downtown Richmond. Her wing has held her through a hunt and through a mild upside down battle.  

By 12/9/12. she was nearly two miles from her roosting spot of the last few days, with a full crop, so Mary is confident she was rehabbed successfully.She has likely moved from Richmond in a southerly direction, maybe back to her bridge. When she gets there, she'll find another female moved into her nest and produced 3 young in 2012. 

Nevertheless, she is flying free and healthy and hopefully will land somewhere safe and start a new nest with a new partner.

I thank Mary Malec, Hilary Powers, and the rehabbers whose efforts are documented here:


 Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

 Mark Rauzon

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