[Fosc] Falcon Update #2

Mark Rauzon mjrauz at aol.com
Wed Dec 19 13:45:33 PST 2012

Update from Mary Malec on Haya:

After her fight at the bridge, she was taken to Lindsay, kept overnight, released to her falconer in the morning and rested.

She was re-released in Richmond on Saturday 12-15, in the area where she had established familiarity.  She stayed there Saturday.

On Sunday morning 12-16, I found her in downtown OAKLAND.  While there, I watched another falcon (a resident there since 2010) buzz her on the roof where she was sitting.  Nothing serious, just a buzz.  Haya stayed and the other falcon flew off.  A few minutes later, Haya flew and the other falcon took back her roof.

The next day (yesterday) she was on the move toward Fruitvale Bridge again, staying just north of it for awhile, then moving in the early afternoon to Hegenberger.  She remains there.  Yesterday at about dusk, another falcon came and sat on a nearby building.  Haya went and buzzed her off the building.  Lots of falcons out there.  She looks good and is living the life of a peregrine again.  

Mark Rauzon

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