[Fosc] creek question

Karen Paulsell kpaulsell at pacbell.net
Fri Jun 29 12:26:30 PDT 2012

Directly above this culverted section, and above the Bridgeview Trail 
is the landslide on the PG&E right-of-way.  The big bare patch, with 
the power towers, fennel and pampas grass, and the power lines 
directly overhead.

The best guess I've heard is that when the landslide blocked the 
creek, the easiest solution was to culvert the creek rather than 
remove the soil.  The construction looks like WPA-vintage work. See 
this  photo from January 2008: 

I wonder if that culvert is a barrier to fish passage? If you look at 
the FOSC watershed plan Hydrology chapter, page 61 of: 
you can see this culvert, between the Leimert Bridge and the Golf 
Course culvert.  From checking the scale, it looks like it rises 12 
feet over a length of about  190 feet.   But the downstream spillway 
looks like the biggest fish issue.

At 04:54 PM 6/28/2012, Timothy Chapman wrote:
>We started walking the Bridgeview Trail at the Bridgeview Dr. 
>entrance, and walked down the first switchback to the creek. The 
>creek appears to enter a culvert there and I am curious why a 
>culvert was put at that location.

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