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WOW! These photos are really important as the City gets ready to fix the problem this channelization created. 
In the 1932 photo, it is wonderful to see the Dimond Oak in its prime. And that little pine in front of it grew into a tremendous tree that had a full life before it died around 1990? and was removed. Thanks for posting these, Tim.


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I have posted three photos

2 1952 photos showing the new channel created when the culvert was put in the park. I call these the "Rape of Sausal Creek."

1 photo of the  Dimond cottage in 1932. I believe the creek is right behind the cottage -- am I right?




Photos are from the Oakland History Room

Friends of the Oakland History Room meetings
3rd Thursday at 6 p.m.
Oakland History Room, main library
125 14th Street
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