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Hi Mark:

Thanks for your note.  I almost could have -- I wish I could have come.

I have an ID question.  I looked up the black throated gray warbler -- toomuch white stripe for the bird I saw at my house.  I think it was a warbler, biggish.  In Sibley's western book, it LOOKED LIKE an immature Pine Warbler, but the range seems wrong.  To summarize, it was like a largish all gray warbler, with a slightly white throat and whitish tail/feather tips.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Penn Hughes

On Oct 14, 2012, at 1:27 PM, Mark Rauzon wrote:

> Yesterday the bird monitoring team saw over 45 species, including peregrine falcon, red-shouldered, red-tail and Cooper's hawks, 2 black-throated gray warblers, heard a Cassin's vireo, (good bird!) and counted some 245 individuals in our half day romp through the watershed. There were tons of Red-breasted nuthatches- as it is an invasion year since the north and east had a wicked drought. Pipi Diamond, Hilary Powers, Glen Tepke, Suzanne Rauzon and I enjoyed the day together.
> Hilary sent me the update on the shot falcon-
> "After spending the summer resting and molting, Haya has beautiful new 
> feathers. The master falconer working with her has started flying her 
> again. It has been several months since she has flown so she is out of 
> shape but so far she is looking good. The falconer will be working with 
> her daily so she can regain her strength and so he can monitor her 
> flight capabilities. It's been a long journey but we are all still 
> keeping our fingers crossed for her!"
> And a  reminder that on Nov. 7, we are to be treated to a visit by David Lukas, author of Bay Area Birds, just out now.
> The Mystery of Bird Songs presented by David Lukas
> Wednesday, November 7, 7 p.m. 
> Dimond Library, 3565 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland
> How do birds learn to sing such beautiful songs? Why do they produce so many different types of vocalizations? California naturalist and author David Lukas will help answer some of these questions and share his insights into the magical world of bird song--from the ways we study bird song, to the anatomy of how birds produce sounds, to some of the social behaviors that explain common bird vocalizations. David's newly published book Bay Area Birds is the first comprehensive guide to the status, life history, and distribution of all the birds that occur in the Bay Area (www.lukasguides.com).
> happy trails.
> mark rauzon
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